Retirement is possible

Welcome to the Marketplace. Saving for your future just got a whole lot easier.

Find a retirement plan in 4 easy steps


Answer a few easy questions.


We take the hassle out of looking for a retirement plan by working with providers to bring you savings plan options all in one place.


Review qualified plans.


Review and compare qualified plans. While you're at it, learn more about saving for your future.


Select a plan.


Pick the retirement savings plan that fits your needs and budget. Enroll today!


Enroll in the plan.


Make the choice to enroll today. We'll refer you directly to the plan provider to get started.

How the Retirement Marketplace works.

Our goal at the Retirement Marketplace is to make it easy to find a plan so you can start saving for the retirement you deserve. Learn about saving for retirement and compare plans here at the Marketplace. Once you select a plan, we’ll connect you with the financial company that provides that plan. They’ll help you start saving for your future.

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Verified and approved!

You can be confident about the retirement plan you choose here. Every plan listed on the Retirement Marketplace is verified and approved by Washington State officials. Retirement may seem a long ways away, but the more you save now, the easier it will be to plan for your future.

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You're not alone...

Did you know that 1.3 - 1.6 million workers here in Washington don't have access to a retirement plan at work? The Retirement Marketplace works with local associations and employers to make saving for retirement easier. After answering just a few questions, you can be ready to select a plan that fits your needs.

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Search on your own today!

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Are you an employer?

A retirement plan can be a great employee recruitment and retention tool. We've made it easier for you to offer your workers a chance to save for the future.

The Retirement Marketplace simplifies the shopping process by putting plans in one easy-to-compare place.  Better yet, the plans offered here charge no administrative fees to you, the employer. That's right - no employer fees!

Get peace of mind knowing that every plan offered on the Marketplace has been verified and approved by Washington State officials. Learn more…

Are you an employee?

The Retirement Marketplace helps you get started saving for retirement. Easily compare plans and select the one that matches your needs and budget.

Be sure to check with your employer first to make sure you are taking advantage of retirement benefits at work. Even if you are already investing for retirement at work, you can also consider supplementing that with an individual account.

Start small if you like. It's O.K. You can always change your strategy down the road as life changes. Learn more...

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Do you really need to worry about this?

Studies show that it's best to save for your retirement as early as possible. Even a few dollars a month can make a big difference 20, 30, or 40 years down the road.

Most people put it off because it's complex or because they don't think they can afford it. As you compare plans in the Retirement Marketplace, we think you'll see that it's affordable and easy to get started! Learn more...

The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income.

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Retirement is possible!

You may be dreaming of retiring on a tropical island. Or traveling the country in an RV.

Maybe you'd just like to pay off your house and have the peace of mind knowing you'll be secure in old age.

The truth is, you can realize your retirement dreams if you start early and stick to a plan that works for you. See how easy it is...

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Retirement Marketplace

The Small Business Retirement Marketplace is administered by the Washington Department of Commerce as established in RCW Chapter 43.330.730-750. Plans carried on the Retirement Marketplace are verified by the Department of Financial Institutions and/or the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to meet the requirements set forth in RCW 43.330.732(7) and 735(6)(a).

Enrollment in plans on the Retirement Marketplace is voluntary. Plan enrollment is managed by private financial services firms. Saving through certain plans will not be appropriate for all individuals. Employer facilitation of most retirement savings plans carries certain legal obligations for which employers are entirely responsible. Contributing to a retirement savings plan may offer tax benefits and/or consequences. Consult your tax or financial adviser with questions related to investments.

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